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Community Information and Referral Services is the HMIS Lead and System Administrator for the Maricopa County HMIS Project, funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Documents are available for each Continuum of Care.
If you are a person who needs help with rent, utility assistance, or other issues, please dial 2-1-1.

Maricopa County HMIS Project

If you are a Maricopa County HMIS Project provider or user in need of support, please contact the Help Desk at 602-908-3605 or submit a ticket.

Maricpa HMIS - Data Quality Plan 2020.08.10

Maricopa HMIS - Security Plan - 2020.10.12

Maricopa ROI and Privacy Notice and Agencies - 2023.2.15

Maricopa HMIS - Privacy Plan - 2020.08.10

Balance of State (BOS) HMIS Project

Community Information and Referral Services is the System Administrator for the Balance of State HMIS system contracted by the Arizona Department of Housing.

AZ BOS HMIS - Data Quality Plan 2020

AZ BOS HMIS - Security and Confidentiality - 2020

AZ BOS HMIS - Privacy Policy - 2020.02

AZ BOS HMIS - ROI 01.24.2023