Lucy was one of the first cases I had.

April 2, 2021

Lucy was one of the first cases I had. She came to an informal conference accompanied by her mother. Lucy was intellectually disabled and was incapable of functioning without daily assistance. Her mother, who applied on her behalf, has been designated eligible for Serious Mental Illness (SMI) services. Lucy’s mom had seen the services she received work and wanted something like that for her daughter.

After spending some time together to determine what services Lucy could participate in, Lucy’s mom disclosed that Lucy had the Developmental Disabilities Division Health Plan (DDD) but was dropped when she turned 18. This change is what prompted her mother to apply for SMI for her. After some education on the SMI criteria and DDD services, we were able to determine that Lucy should not have been dropped. I called DDD on Lucy’s behalf and found out that because Lucy had moved, she did not receive important paperwork that was needed to continue services. However, DDD was happy to assist in reinstating Lucy’s coverage.

I worked with Lucy’s mother to complete the applications and followed up with the intake. Lucy ended up getting DDD services again and moved with her mother to more permanent, supportive housing. Most importantly, Lucy’s mother learned how to advocate for her daughter’s services.



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