This was Fred’s Second Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Evaluation within a couple of years.

April 2, 2021

Resource Navigation Referral for Lack of DDD Services, Lack of GMH Services, Employment.

This was Fred’s Second Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Evaluation within a couple of years. His referring Doctor noticed that Fred has Developmental Disabilities Division Health Plan (DDD) Services but felt that he was falling through the cracks through the lack of engagement and follow-up of services. Fred had a team that consisted of his Public Fiduciary, DDD Supportive Coordinator, and a United Methodist Outreach Ministries (UMOM) Housing Specialist.  While speaking with each member, we realized that each person thought the other was assisting Fred in services.

Fred is 21, lives in an apartment, wants to work and to start behavioral health services, but was not sure how to go about asking for guidance.  I met with Fred and his UMOM Housing Specialist. We discussed all of his needs, as she was in daily contact with Fred, and had all the necessary documentation for his Public Fiduciary and DDD Manager that established that Franklin was in need of a higher level of DDD Services.

The Resource Navigation employees at Crisis Response Network’s Eligibility and Care Services (ECS) assisted Fred to schedule and start General Mental Health (GMH) services. During his intake, he was accompanied by his Public Fiduciary, UMOM housing Specialist and DDD Coordinator. ECS helped Fred with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services and re-engaged him with his previous Foster Care VR Counselor that had worked with him in the past.

His intake was completed to help him obtain and maintain meaningful employment. Resource Navigation and the UMOM Specialist worked with Ability 360 and engaged Fred to work with their Independent Living Specialist (ILS) outreach team to help with daily living skills and help him maintain his housing and other supportive group activities.

Resource Navigation was also able to guide and educate Fred, his Public Fiduciary and UMOM Coordinator and DDD Supportive Coordinator to help build a request to have Fred in a higher level of support services through DDD.



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