Centerpoint for Hope

Strengthening resilient communities

Inspiring Hope During Life’s Most Challenging Times

Centerpoint is a program of Solari Crisis & Human Services, working in partnership with first responders, local communities, government and health service providers to support disaster readiness, response and recovery services to communities. 

We Serve the Community as a Whole

We serve as a connection hub and resource for disaster and tragedy in preventative planning, at the time of an event and in coordination of post-event services.

We coordinate the disaster services of faith-based, governmental, health and human service providers and other organizations in order to mitigate human suffering caused by catastrophes.

Partner With Us 

Become a Community Partner

Agencies and organizations that serve a specific region partner and collaborate with Centerpoint to better address the needs of a community in times of disaster or tragedy. Community partner agencies collaborate in order to maximize resources and eliminate the duplication of efforts.

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Become a Sponsor Partner

Sponsor organizations are those who provide financial or in-kind support to Centerpoint and its community support efforts in times of tragedy/disaster. Various sponsorship levels are available.

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See Where We’ll Be Next

We partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona on their award-winning Mobilize AZ initiative throughout Arizona. The program supports community members with substance use and other health issues through a mobile clinic that offers free preventative medical screenings, HIV and Hepatitis-C testing, Naloxone treatment, and other resources and treatment options.

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Can’t find the services you need?

We believe in empowering transformation from hope to health however we can. If we don’t offer a service that matches your need, let us know and we’ll help you find one that does.

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